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In a time of turmoil and crisis, Mardy Mar is a bright light shining through within the hip-hop industry. Upon first listen, one can easily hear he has an undeniable flair and a signature sound, unlike any other rapper before him. The message Mar spreads is also a pure one that is executed to a T, as his lyrics teach children rights and wrongs in the world as well as other things such as the alphabet. This infectious joy spreads swiftly over a listener and has landed Mar placements for Zaxby’s commercials and UPS ads, among other fun projects. While the radio becomes over-saturated with trap music, or “prison music” as Mar refers to it, the kids easily are irreversibly damaged by such offensive content. He also enjoys spreading his message live, performing anywhere form school-sponsored events to churches and hospitals. Therefore, he will continue to spread positive energy and light-hearted humor through his bars as he aims to make an impact on kids across the nation!

Birthday Bash

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