Mardavius Knight, known on the streets as “Mardy Mar”, is eager to share his love for music with the world. As a young boy, being tossed from one foster home to another, Mardy Mar ironically first found his love for music in the church.  At the side of his foster-father, David Pounds, Mardavius learned to play drums at a young age and later found a passion for rap in his early teens.  Mardavius has always been a hard worker with a fun-loving heart.  Anyone who has ever met him knows him for his bright smile and humorous personality.

Graduating from high school was not easy for Mardavius, he spent many days in ISS. However, he was inspired by a special teacher at Alexander High School, named Mrs. Chapman.  She believed in him and to this day encourages his love for the arts of music and poetry.  Because of Mrs. Chapman’s outpour of love, patience and support, Mardy Mar is dedicated to “Paying It Forward” to other young teens trying to succeed at life.  During high school he recalls being challenged and even pressured with everything from drugs, sex, guns, money and negative popularity.  Now looking around today, he feels that things are even worse for this generation than it was for him.  As an alternative to the violence, vulgar language, disrespect, promiscuous behavior and ultimate legal rap sheets that threaten to wipe out their future, Mardy Mar is on a personal mission to make songs that encourage the youth to push hard in school, set positive goals, and graduate. Unlike other traditional rap artists who elaborate (or lie) about having stacks of cash, fast cars, many women, and drugs, Mardy Mar creates music that is positive and meaningful, laced with true life experiences that he has faced.  He likes to make songs that are motivating and easy to inspire others when they are down.

In his hometown of Douglasville, Georgia, he aims to bring positive music back to local teens in schools with live performances at pep rallies, sporting events, and parties. In a tribute and launch for his summer campaign of 2015 Mardy Mar unveiled a rap for his hometown called the “Dville Anthem”.  As he believes that music is a big influence for the teens he is aiming to host activities to positively occupy their minds during the summer break.

Mardy Mar, the solo artist with an Non-Profit “New Music Entertainment” (aka NME) is well on his way to seeing his dreams come true.  He has posted a number of YouTube videos, published a jingle for Zaxby’s, and has recently released his first album titled “New Music Entertainment” on iTunes, Amazon, and Beats Music.  Mardy Mar believes that if he can reach just one young teen and help him/her to make a choice to do good rather than bad, then his work was well worth it.


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